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Retro is the New “New”

Smeg 50's Style Finish Variations

For many years, stainless steel and commercial style dominated the luxury appliance market. It seemed the only way to get professional quality home appliances was to do so with the straight lines, smooth surfaces and large control knobs of commercial kitchens; and while this may appeal to some, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Today options abound for the enthusiastic home chef who wants his or her home kitchen to look like the heart of the home rather than a sterile commercial environment. A few luxury manufacturers in particular have embraced the marriage of advanced technology and stylish vintage aesthetic; and consumers have responded in kind with growing demand, proving retro is the new “new.” Continue reading →

Fourth of July BBQ Grill Highlight: DCS BGB36-BQAR-N

Most major holidays have a specific menu associated with them. For Thanksgiving, it’s turkey with stuffing and a plethora of casseroles. For Easter, it’s the ham, deviled eggs, and seasonal sides. For the Fourth of July, it’s all about grilling. It’s the perfect cooking technique for this laid-back, low-stress holiday that often contrasts with the formal and sometimes hectic winter holiday season. Whether it’s hamburgers, chicken or steaks; there’s just no substitute for those freshly-grilled meats cooked in the open air amid laughter and conversation among friends and family. The sizzling food on the open flame on the warm summer evening set the tone for this fun, relaxing holiday. Continue reading →

Outside-The-Box: High End Specialty Refrigerators

When we think of refrigerators, often what first comes to mind is that tall appliance in our kitchen where we retrieve everything from cold drinks and snacks to vegetables for dinner. However, a few appliance-makers are allowing us to think outside that large, cold box.

Viking, U-Line and Liebherr all offer specialty refrigerators in various sizes and with various functionalities to accommodate less traditional refrigeration options.

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10 Factors to Consider as You Design Your Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen can be an ideal place to entertain guests or simply relax with family on a warm summer evening. Whether enjoying a perfectly grilled steak or a wood-fired pizza, indulging outdoors with a gentle breeze and the setting sun adds a little magic to the moment. Before enjoying that steak or pizza though, decisions abound in the creation of ideal outdoor kitchen designs. While our specialists at Elite Appliance can guide you through the appliance selection, here are a few other factors to consider as you plan and design your outdoor kitchen:

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Summer Showcase Series Kickoff



At Elite Appliance we pride ourselves in having a wide selection of beautiful, luxury appliances to meet your indoor and outdoor cooking needs. Join us throughout the year as we highlight some of our favorites. We’re kicking off this new series with our Summer Showcase featuring a selection of some of our natural gas grills and outdoor kitchen appliances.


The first product in our showcase, a Coyote S-Series CS36NG Built-In Natural Gas Grill is not only the upper echelon of Coyote outdoor cooking, but a serious contender within the pantheon of the best gas grills around. The CS36 natural gas grill combines all the power and functions of an ultra-premium grill with the design and durability that Coyote is known for.


Take a closer look at the Coyote CS36NG, we’re sure you’ll love it.


7 Big Green Egg Recipes for Summer

Big Green Egg

It’s that time of year again when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and we’re dying to be outside. While many diehard Big Green Egg users don’t let winter interrupt their Egg use, most will agree this is the ideal time of year for outdoor cooking.

Even a simple grilled chicken is tasty when cooked in the Big Green Egg, but if you’re an experienced Egg-user or you’re looking to branch out a bit, here are a few recipes perfect for the season:

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High-End Cooktops and Rangetops: From High Power to Sleek Style

As we continue to peruse options for a spring kitchen remodel – with our last post spotlighting cooking ranges – today we explore an alternate kitchen configuration.


While the cooking range was the standard in residential kitchens for years, the range has been deconstructed over time so that many modern kitchens today feature separate cooktops or rangetops and wall ovens. This configuration keeps home chefs from having to bend down to access their ovens and is especially helpful when baking large, heavy dishes.


Cooktops come in a variety of sizes and offer a wide variety of features, which homeowners can select depending on their personal style and cooking habits. Cooktops range in widths from 30” to 48” with the 36” cooktop as a popular size. Smaller cooktops feature four burners, while larger cooktops feature anywhere from four to eight burners. Many larger cooktops also include grills or griddle plates. For example, 36” Viking cooktops come with either six burners, four burners and a grill, or four burners and a griddle/simmer plate. Similarly-sized Bertazzoni cooktops come with three to six regular burners and possibly a griddle. KitchenAid cooktops offer five burners in 36”, including one high-power, dual-tier burner that offers power up to 18,000 BTUs or 20,000 BTUs, depending on the model. Verona cooktops come in an entirely different format in 12”, 24” or 30” widths and up to five burners.  Continue reading →

High-End Dishwashers For Hassle-Free Cleaning

At the end of the evening, after a successful dinner party with delicious food, good company and intriguing conversation, the last thing we want to do is return to the kitchen to begin scrubbing dishes before loading them into the dishwasher and carefully washing stemware and serving platters.


If these chores haunt you after each dinner party or family gathering, it may be time for a new, more accommodating dishwasher – one that doesn’t require pre-scrubbing or hand-washing large or delicate items. What good is a dishwasher anyway if it doesn’t really wash the dishes?


Elite Appliance offers a broad selection of top-line dishwashers that truly take the hassle out of cleaning up. With powerful water forces, flexible racks, and several cleaning modes, these dishwashers eliminate the need for pre-washing, accommodate those large, cumbersome serving platters, and gently clean stemware and other delicate items.


For example, Viking dishwashers offer ½ horsepower motors and adjustable water pressure you can tailor to the soil level or delicacy of the items you’re washing at the moment. Viking dishwashers also feature a triple-filtration system to eliminate food particles. Viking’s standard-size dishwashers can hold up to 15 place settings, and they are Energy Star qualified.


Miele ensures you can wash those large platters, deep pots and tall stemware with FlexiCare Plus dish racks. Miele dishwashers also run quietly, so you can start the dishwasher before bed or even during your dinner party if needed with no noisy distractions. Also, for your own safety and to preserve your flooring, Miele dishwashers automatically shut off if a leak is detected. KitchenAid dishwashers also promise flexible loading with fold-down tines and quiet operation.


Viking, Miele, and KitchenAid dishwashers come in sleek stainless steel to match other professional style appliances. Some also come with a custom panel option to fit seamlessly into your existing cabinetry if stainless is not your style.


For something a little less traditional but equally effective, DCS dishwashers come in the form of dish drawers – single or double depending on your personal needs. A single dish drawer can accommodate six or seven place settings, while a double dish drawer can accommodate up to 14. These water-efficient dish drawers clean full loads of dishes with just two gallons of water per drawer, and they are Energy Star rated.


Regardless of your kitchen’s style or your household’s dish use, there is a dishwasher to accommodate your everyday and occasional needs. Visit Elite Appliance online for more information.


Krista Franks Brock

Krista Franks Brock is a Dallas resident and freelance writer who enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics from cooking and home design to the mortgage industry. When she’s not writing, she’s often either experimenting in the kitchen or pursuing artistic endeavors such as painting, sewing and jewelry-making.



Luxury Refrigeration for Every Home


Having already perused the various options for cooking ranges and cooktops, today we’ll spotlight another important component of the kitchen – the refrigerator. From top-freezer and bottom-freezer to French-door and side-by-side, and even undercounter refrigerators, there are plenty of refrigeration options to consider.

Among the most basic formats, the decision comes down to a few habits of the user. If you cook with more fresh foods than frozen, it makes sense to have your freezer on the bottom and your refrigerated goods at waist-level and above. If you entertain often and are in the habit of having large serving platters in your refrigerator, you will likely find a French-door format ideal as it provides the greatest width.

When it comes to the refrigerator’s façade, stainless steel is one of the most common, although a few manufacturers are producing white, black, and other colors. Panel-ready refrigerators are also a stylish option as they allow the refrigerator to blend seamlessly into surrounding cabinetry.

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Great News About Viking Pricing!


Elite Appliance and Designer Home Surplus are pleased to announce an extremely exciting shift in how we’ll be able to continue bringing you the most accurate and up-to-date information available for your appliance purchases!


Viking Range, LLC has lifted their current policy restriction that hinders the visibility of online pricing! Now, not only will you have the power to continue making the most informed decisions for your Viking appliance purchases – but you’ll be able to easily, efficiently, and effectively make all of those purchases on-line without the added hassle of having to call for pricing.

However, this new price display policy is only presently allowed for our current, non discontinued models.  While we’re not yet allowed to display pricing on our discontinued or scratch-and-dent models, you can still find all of those (already) wonderfully low deals at Designer Home Surplus!

To celebrate this, take a look at some of the best Viking deals Elite Appliance and Designer Home Surplus have to offer!


Shop Viking Deals on Elite Appliance          Shop Viking Deals on Designer Home Surplus


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