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Forging New Territory with Viking Appliances

When thinking about high-end appliances, Viking is often the first brand that comes to mind – and for good reason. Not only was Viking the first brand to bring professional cooking capabilities to the residential kitchen, but the brand also continues to innovate by bringing to market new appliances that are ever-faster and ever-more-powerful than before.

Viking offers the full suite of kitchen appliances, including cooking ranges, ovens, cooktops, basic and specialty refrigeration, microwaves, ventilation, dishwashers, ice makers, and trash compactors. Continue reading →

German Engineering and Contemporary Design Set Miele Appliances Apart from the Competition

Hailing from Germany, Miele focuses on quality engineering and contemporary aesthetics. Unlike many of today’s professional-style appliances that take a dominant presence in the kitchen, Miele appliances are more subdued, often nearly blending into their surroundings rather than standing out. With a minimalist appeal, Miele appliances have smooth, sleek surfaces with intuitive controls that are either hidden from view or displayed subtly in plain view. Continue reading →

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Elite Appliance Rebates & Discounts Highlight


When it’s time to remodel your kitchen or upgrade your appliances we understand that making every dollar count is important. At Elite Appliance, we offer rebates, exclusive discounts, and promotional pricing on many of the brands we carry. Give us a call today at 877-510-4781 to find out how we can help you save on your next appliance purchase. Continue reading →

A Brief Look At Viking’s VGCC5366BSS 36″ Range

Having pioneered an entire new category of appliances – professional-style appliances for the residential kitchen – years ago, Viking continues set the standard for this booming sector of the kitchen appliance market. Viking consistently pushes the boundaries of high power, lasting durability, and versatility all while catering to the home chef’s desire for ease of use.

Viking’s 36” VGCC5366BSS cooking range is a stellar example of the brand’s standard and a perfect fit for nearly any kitchen. From the powerful, six-burner cooktop to the versatile, large-capacity oven beneath, Viking considers every detail of its range with ultimate care for the user’s experience.

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Let A Bertazzoni Oven Help With Your Baking This Fall



It still feels like summer outside, but fall is imminent, which means a reprieve from the heat, the start of a new school year, and before you know it, the holiday season. Lazy summer afternoons by the pool are in short supply now as we head into the new season, and we’ll trade those lazy afternoons for more hectic schedules filled with commitments to our colleagues, families, and school and neighborhood committees.

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Bertazzoni Master Series Ranges Fuel Passion in the Kitchen

Are you passionate about food and cooking? What is it that keeps your love of cooking fresh? Are you inspired by quality ingredients, original recipes from your favorite celebrity chef, or perhaps your kitchen?

If your kitchen isn’t helping ignite your passion for cooking, perhaps it’s time for a kitchen upgrade. You may not even need a full kitchen remodel, simply a new platform from which your culinary creations can take form. Continue reading →

Beyond Functionality: Smeg’s 50s Style Series Single-door Refrigerator

Some of us live our lives in pursuit of beauty. We’re admirers of nature, art and design. It goes without saying that we’re particularly picky about our living environment. For us, our homes are as much of a self-portrait as they are a place to eat and sleep.

Shopping for kitchen appliances can be daunting and even a bit boring. While some are impressed by technical specifications, new technologies and the latest gadgetry, we crave something with an artistic flair, a little pizzazz.

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Retro is the New “New”

Smeg 50's Style Finish Variations

For many years, stainless steel and commercial style dominated the luxury appliance market. It seemed the only way to get professional quality home appliances was to do so with the straight lines, smooth surfaces and large control knobs of commercial kitchens; and while this may appeal to some, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Today options abound for the enthusiastic home chef who wants his or her home kitchen to look like the heart of the home rather than a sterile commercial environment. A few luxury manufacturers in particular have embraced the marriage of advanced technology and stylish vintage aesthetic; and consumers have responded in kind with growing demand, proving retro is the new “new.” Continue reading →

Fourth of July BBQ Grill Highlight: DCS BGB36-BQAR-N

Most major holidays have a specific menu associated with them. For Thanksgiving, it’s turkey with stuffing and a plethora of casseroles. For Easter, it’s the ham, deviled eggs, and seasonal sides. For the Fourth of July, it’s all about grilling. It’s the perfect cooking technique for this laid-back, low-stress holiday that often contrasts with the formal and sometimes hectic winter holiday season. Whether it’s hamburgers, chicken or steaks; there’s just no substitute for those freshly-grilled meats cooked in the open air amid laughter and conversation among friends and family. The sizzling food on the open flame on the warm summer evening set the tone for this fun, relaxing holiday. Continue reading →

Outside-The-Box: High End Specialty Refrigerators

When we think of refrigerators, often what first comes to mind is that tall appliance in our kitchen where we retrieve everything from cold drinks and snacks to vegetables for dinner. However, a few appliance-makers are allowing us to think outside that large, cold box.

Viking, U-Line and Liebherr all offer specialty refrigerators in various sizes and with various functionalities to accommodate less traditional refrigeration options.

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