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New 30″ Ranges From Fisher & Paykel

New Fisher Paykel 30 Inch Ranges
The new 30″ ranges from Fisher & Paykel.

The 30” range is a staple in many American kitchens. In fact, it is the most popular size range in North America. The common 30” range is the appliance that so many rely on day in and day out to help prepare meals for their families. Whether baking cookies for a bake sale, warming soup to ward off a cold, or creating a lavish Thanksgiving feast, the 30” range is the humble helper that takes culinary creations from visions to reality in so many homes across America.

While the 30” range may be a part of our daily routine, it does not have to be a mundane component of our lives. Fisher & Paykel, a longtime deliverer of stylish designer appliances, recently announced the introduction of its own line of 30” ranges, which will appear on the market this November.
Download specifications PDF for the new 30″ ranges.
Fisher & Paykel appliances will now be more accessible for home chefs across America. Known for their aesthetic appeal, the new line of ranges features stainless steel and black glass with minimalistic features, offering a striking appearance for the modern kitchen.

“With large ovens and choice of gas, ceramic, or induction cooktops these ranges are finessed with clean lines in glass and stainless steel that will complement any modern kitchen,” said Scott Davies, marketing manager for Fisher & Paykel with the announcement of the new line of ranges.

The Fisher & Paykel 30” range is available in one of four variations: an induction cooktop with electric oven, a gas cooktop with electric oven, an electric cooktop and electric oven, or a gas cooktop and gas oven.

New Fisher Paykel 30 Inch Range Controls
Front controls on the new Fisher & Paykel 30″ gas range.

The gas cooktop heats up to 17,000 BTUs. (One BTU heats one pound of water by about 1°F.) The induction cooktop heats up to 2,300 watts, and the electric cooktop reaches 2,100 watts. While gas cooktops are often the preference of culinary enthusiasts, Fisher & Paykel’s sleek induction cooktop is ideal for anyone with minimalist, modern taste.

The Fisher & Paykel range features a spacious oven with a 3.6-cubic foot interior. Most of the 30” ranges offer convection baking and broiling, fan baking, broiling, warming, and defrosting. They are also self-cleaning. The exception is the Fisher & Paykel gas range.

All the ranges feature black glass on the triple-layered oven door, which remains safely cool to the touch even at the highest heat settings. All ovens also feature five rack positions.

These new Fisher & Paykel appliances, which debut this fall will bring an added sense of class and luxury to compact designer kitchens.

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