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Coyote Outdoor Living understands the dedication and passion that goes into designing an outdoor entertainment oasis to enrich your outdoor culinary experience. Because of this, Coyote engineered luxury Bartending, Cooking, and Refrigeration appliances to help you take charge of your high-end outdoor kitchen.
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Coyote Outdoor Living Bartending & Entertaining Products Customize your grill island with Coyote's access doors and storage solutions. Each access door and grill cabinet comes with professional-style handles and stainless steel beveled trim. Cabinet sizes range from 14 inches to 43 inches to accommodate any grill space. Keep beverages cool with a pull out or drop in island cooler and organized with the Coyote refreshment center package.
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Coyote Outdoor Living Outdoor Cooking Products Coyote barbecue grills come in 304 grade stainless steel for ultimate durability. Each grill is seamlessly welded for an eye-pleasing, smooth to the touch design. The double-walled grill canopy design that keeps heat in while keeping the grill station cool and built-in halogen lighting makes cooking late into the evening hassle free. Enhance your outdoor cooking repertoire with a variety of outdoor cooking accessories like the Coyote rotisserie kit and stainless steel smoker box.
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Coyote Outdoor Living Outdoor Refrigeration Products Coyote's outdoor refrigerators include front ventilation for optimal built-in installation. Features like premium shelving and interior lighting make finding and organizing grill ingredients easy. The professional-style handle on each Coyote refrigeration product add a tasteful look to any grill island.
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