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Cleaner, fresher clothes that last longer with less time and effort is the hallmark of the Frigidaire line of high-efficiency washers and dryers. Incorporating exclusive advanced technology, such as Immersion Care™, Quick Wash™ and Quick Sanitize, full loads are thoroughly yet gently cleansed, and 99% bacteria-free, in just 20 minutes. Ready to finish the job, Frigidaire large capacity dryers are engineered to deliver wrinkle-free results quietly and efficiently no matter the size of the challenge. And for those with space limitations, the Frigidaire stacked laundry center is the ultimate compact performance solution. Whiter whites, brighter colors and extended wardrobe life is why Frigidaire is the superior laundry system choice.
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Frigidaire Laundry Dryers Products Engineered to consistently deliver soft, fluffy laundry in less time than any leading competitor, a high-efficiency Frigidaire dryer might be the last you ever need to purchase. Featuring an unmatched array of exclusive innovations, such as One-Touch™ Wrinkle Release, and TimeWise™ and DrySense™ technologies, the large capacity Frigidaire Affinity Series dryer extends the life of your wardrobe and eliminates laundry day stress. User-friendly and easy to install, every Frigidaire dryer is incorporated with cutting-edge noise reduction and energy efficiency advancements and infused with over 90 years of legendary reliability.
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Frigidaire Laundry Washers Products Not only does a high-efficiency Frigidaire washer deliver thoroughly cleaned laundry in just 20 minutes, (the fastest on the market,) but it does so using less water and energy than the leading competitors, saving you valuable time and money. Highlighted by an amazing list of exclusive innovations, like the Immersion Care and Tumble Action systems designed to cleanse clothes gently, thereby extending their life, Frigidaire front-load and top-load washers make laundry day effortless and worry-free. Engineered for super-quiet operation and long-lasting durability, an energy efficient Frigidaire washer is the superior cleansing solution no matter how large the challenge.
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