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We think you should feel fearless in your kitchen. So does Jenn-Air! In fact, since 1961, Jenn-Air has been introducing innovative products that are meant to bring chefs the inspiration to cook more and take culinary risks within their home kitchens. Jenn-Air’s product advancements include the industry’s first self-ventilated cooktop and the first downdraft ventilated range. Jenn-Air’s commitment to product innovation remains strong, as they continue unveiling premier products, such as their award-winning Jenn-Air Double Wall Ovens that feature an industry-exclusive touch screen that is the largest of its kind, incorporates an image-enabled cooking guide and includes a touch-anywhere, full color LCD display. Jenn-Air’s complete kitchen appliances line includes all of the cooking essentials like Jenn-Air double, single and microwave-combo wall ovens, Jenn-Air gas and electric downdraft cooktops and rangetops, Jenn-Air Pro-Style™ and Slide-In, dual-fuel, gas and electronic ranges, Jenn-Air built-in, under counter, countertop and over-the-range microwaves, Jenn-Air wall-mount, island-mount and integrated vents, and Jenn-Air warming drawers.
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Jenn-Air Cooking Cooktops Products Responsible for introducing the world’s first duct-free downdraft ventilation system for cooktops, Jenn-Air continues to combine sophisticated engineering with industry-leading design elements to produce some of the industry’s leading gas and electric cooktops. Varying in size from 48, 37, 36, 31 and 30 inches, Jenn-Air manufactures both range-top and glass-top cooktops that are easy to install into any countertop or kitchen island. Some Jenn-Air key features include Electronic Ignition and Flame-Sensing™ Re-ignition for gas cooktops, electric griddle options, E-ven Heat™ Grill Assembly, modular design options, Triple-Choice™ Element for glass cooktops, glass-touch electronic controls and state-of-the-art downdraft ventilation that quickly whisks steam and cooking odors down and out of the kitchen.
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Jenn-Air Cooking Kitchen Ventilation Products When it comes to choosing your kitchen vent, you can trust Jenn-Air – the brand that invented the world’s first downdraft ventilation system. Jenn-Air’s complete line of ventilation units includes everything from the traditional cabinet insert or conservative under-mount to the robust canopy vent hood or artistic perimetric hood. Jenn-Air’s distinguishing kitchen vent and hood features include multiple fan speed options that help you select the right vent speed to increase performance and energy efficiency; a 600 CFM high performance blower that pulls air away from the cooking surface, taking smoke, steam and odors with it and the Jenn-Air Sound Silencing System that features long-life filters that optimize airflow while reducing vent noise. Jenn-Air Vents and Hoods range in size from 27 to 48 inches and are available in a variety of finishes, including the Jenn-Air Pro-Style Stainless and Jenn-Air Euro-Style Stainless.
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Jenn-Air Cooking Microwave Ovens Products Your microwave oven should be as powerful and robust as your wall oven and kitchen stove. That’s why we’re impressed with Jenn-Air’s Microwave Ovens, as they feature some of the smartest speed-cooking technology in the industry. For example, all Jenn-Air Microwave Ovens feature Jenn-Air Auto Sensor Steam Cook technology that determines the exact cooking time and power level required to cook specific dishes based on the humidity released by the food as it cooks. Also, Jenn-Air’s four-in-one Speed-Cook system combines the speed of microwaving with convection and broiling to cook oven-quality meals up to three times faster. Jenn-Air’s Speed Cook system includes 56 pre-programmed food modes. Jenn-Air Microwave Ovens also include the Jenn-Air Crisp Option with Browning Pan that allows you to brown French toast, eggs and stir-fry meals with results similar to browning methods you use with a pan or griddle on a cooking surface. Jenn-Air Microwave Ovens are available as built-in, under-counter, countertop and over-the-range microwave models.
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Jenn-Air Cooking Ranges Products Jenn-Air Cooking Ranges are engineered to meet the demands of the most discerning chefs. With a focus on delivering high power, precision and control, Jenn-Air has revolutionized the cooking range with premier inventions like the world’s first downdraft ventilated cooking range – a ventilation technology that captures smoke, steam and odor at the cooking surface and quickly whisks them down and out of your kitchen. In addition, Jenn-Air kitchen ranges are equipped with sophisticated burners that can reach the highest and lowest heat settings within seconds, making it easier to manage complex cooking techniques. Jenn-Air cooking ranges also feature Jenn-Air’s state-of-the-art, multi-mode convection oven technology that circulates heated air over, under and around food for even cooking and browning. With 22 different kitchen range options available, Jenn-Air’s complete cooking range line includes freestanding and slide-in, Pro-Style® and Euro-Style® cooking ranges. Varying in size from 48, 36, 31 and 30 inches, Jenn-Air cooking ranges are available in dual-fuel, gas and electric models.
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Jenn-Air Cooking Wall Ovens Products Choosing the perfect wall oven – like a Jenn-Air Award-Winning Double Wall Oven – can elevate you from a rookie to a seasoned baker with just a few finger touch selections. Unveiling many industry oven exclusives, the Jenn-Air Double Wall Oven features an industry-exclusive touch screen that is the largest of its kind, incorporates an image-enabled cooking guide and includes a touch-anywhere, full color LCD display. The Jenn-Air Oven’s LCD display also includes the industry's first slider technology under glass. Instead of entering numbers for a desired temperature setting, you simply touch the Jenn-Air Wall Oven’s LCD screen and slide the temperature bar to the appropriate baking degree. When your Jenn-Air Oven is off, you can choose from a gallery of accent colors and design themes to appear with either an analog or digital clock. All Jenn-Air Wall Ovens with Convection Systems have six convection modes: Convect Bake, Convect Roast, Convect Broil, Convect Pastry, Convect Slow Roast and Convect Frozen Pizza. Available in 27- and 30-inch models, the Jenn-Air Wall Oven Collection includes single, double and microwave/wall oven combinations with or without convection. Not quite ready to serve your food? Keep your meal warm in a Jenn-Air Warming Drawer.
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