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How helpful is a dishwasher really if you have to pre-wash everything before it goes in? LG believes dishwashers should be built to handle even the toughest of messes so you don’t have to. That’s why LG dishwashers feature TrueSteam, a powerful steam wash that loosens away caked-on food before thoroughly washing. Additionally, LG knows not every dish load is the same, so the LG built-in dishwasher is designed with a one-touch adjustable upper rack to accommodate for large pots and pans below. Then there’s the third rack, also height-adjustable, built for utensils and small cups. An LG stainless steel dishwasher looks great in any kitchen and helps make kitchen cleanup a whole lot easier. LG dishwashers are also available in black and white.
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LG Kitchen Cleanup Dishwashers Products With an LG built-in dishwasher, doing dishes may become the favorite household chore. It’ll certainly be the easiest. LG dishwashers are designed to accommodate any size dishes and any size mess. With the LG fully integrated dishwasher, there’s no need for rinsing. Take the dishes straight from the table to the dishwasher, adjust the height of the shelves to fit the load, select the appropriate setting, and let the dishwasher do the rest. Choose from an LG stainless steel dishwasher or an LG dishwasher with a black or white facade. It will fit as seamlessly into your lifestyle as it does into your kitchen.
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