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LG streamlines laundry without sacrificing quality. Large capacity LG laundry machines allow you to get more done in less time. When you’re in a real rush, you can rely on your LG washer to speed up the cycle and get your clothes clean about 20 minutes faster than usual with the powerful TurboWash setting. Your LG dryer can also save you in a time crunch. If you don’t have time to iron or go to the dry cleaner, it’s no problem. The SteamFresh cycle smooths away wrinkles and freshens fabrics in just 20 minutes. Also, if you spilled a little red wine on your favorite top, there’s no need to panic. LG’s SpotClean cycle will take care of it.
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LG Laundry Dryers Products The LG dryer is so much more than a dryer. LG dryers spot clean stubborn stains, steam away wrinkles, and sanitize all those unwashable items you’ve been wishing you could clean. We all wash our clothes and bedding regularly, but what about our pillows? What about your child’s favorite stuffed animal he drags around everywhere? The SteamSanitary cycle on the LG steam dryer cleans pillows, plush toys and anything else you can’t put in the washer. In addition to these convenient, helpful settings that keep you and your family feeling and looking fresh and clean, the LG ultra-capacity dryer has 9 cubic feet of drying space, which means you can run fewer loads, saving time and energy.
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LG Laundry Washer Dryer Combinations & Laundry Centers Products While some of us require large capacity washers and dryers, others of us need something a little more compact but equally effective. The LG all-in-one washer dryer is one machine that does it all – washes, dries and sanitizes. LG washer/dryer combos also feature SenseClean, an advanced setting that selects the water level and time depending on the size of the load, saving you time and energy without requiring any additional input from you. LG combo laundry units are just 24 inches wide and require no external vent for the dryer.
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LG Laundry Washers Products The LG front load washer has been the No. 1 selling front load washer for five years. The front load LG TurboWash washer features high capacity and high power to get more clothes cleaner faster. However, while the front load washer is more popular, the LG top load washer has its own powerful wash settings. Also, both models offer energy savings, which translates to monthly savings on your power bill. Running warm water takes a lot of energy, but most of us don’t believe our clothes can become clean without it. However, LG washers offer a trademarked ColdWash technology that relies on motion inside the washer to get a thorough clean without hot water.
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