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Big Green Egg Accessories Starter's Guide

Big Green Egg offers over 150 EGGcessories for their legendary ceramic charcoal cookers. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down to the perfect set of extras for your Green Egg grill. Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular EGGcessories to help you in the planning stages. For Big Green Egg prices and availability, call us.

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Nests and Tables

Big Green Egg Nest
Nests keep your EGG at a comfortable grilling height.
Essential to any EGG setup, nests and tables bring your Egg up to a comfortable height for cooking. Big Green Egg nests are a compact and durable option with built-in casters
Big Green Egg Table
Tables offer additional prep space for food & tools.
for easy portability. Be sure to pick the correct nest for your specific EGG size. For example, nest model NEST-L matches the large Green Egg. If you are looking to add more preparation space, Big Green Egg table options are available for the medium, large and XL EGGs (YXL4, Y5TAB4 & Y3TAB4). These tables are constructed of straight-grained cypress wood, and all are equipped with locking casters. Compact tables are available as well if space is limited (Y5TABC4 for the large EGG and Y3TABC4 for the medium EGG).

EGG Mates and Essential EGGcessories

Big Green Egg Place Setter
Plate Setters allow for indirect cooking.
Beyond nests and tables, there are several EGGcessories that are counted as essentials by any Egg user. Big Green Egg mates and Egg side shelves are two options that easily increase your preparation space, and both can be folded down when not in use for easy
Big Green Egg Mates Additional Prep Space
Everything is within reach on the EGG Mates.
storage. Compare models EML and ESL to see the differences. Adding an Egg plate setter (PSL) converts your Egg into an outdoor oven. The unique ceramic design radiates heat throughout the dome, while acting as a barrier between your food and the flame. But in some instances, you may want to accentuate the effects of direct heat on your food. A cast iron cooking grid (18CI) conducts and retains heat better than the standard stainless steel grates, giving you perfect sear marks on your meats.

Essential Hand Tools

Ash Tool and Grill Gripper
Ash tools and grill grippers help to keep your hands out of the heat!
Big Green Egg cooking tools add convenience to the cooking process. A variety of spatulas, grill forks, thermometers and cleaning tools are available, and each is
Ash Tool and Grill Gripper
Premium Big Green Egg spatula in action
designed for a specific application. The premium BBQ tool set covers the basics with a grill fork, tongs and spatula. The grill gripper tool (GG) is used for safely lifting your cooking grid out of the Egg when accessing the charcoal below. The ash tool (AT) assists in cleaning the charcoal ash out of your Egg through the draft door, making setup for your next cookout an easy endeavor.

View All Big Green Egg Products And Specials

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