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Miele kitchen appliances are engineered to perform to your highest expectations and enhance your passion for cooking. Whether you prefer electric, gas, induction or combisets, Miele cooktops offer an expansive selection of world-class style and flexibility, while Miele ovens, featuring their patented Navitronic™ touch-controls with Master Chef Technology, are designed to truly be the heart of your kitchen. And then there is the unrivaled Miele coffee system, including their incredible Nespresso Capsule and Whole Bean systems, which deliver the ultimate coffee experience every time. Miele kitchen appliances - the ultimate in beauty and performance for the most personal room in your home.
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Miele Cooking Coffee Systems Products Using whole coffee beans and unique frothing technology, the Miele coffee system delivers a truly tailored, flavorful beverage no matter your personal tastes. Each Miele coffee maker is engineered for the perfect combination of grinding, tamping, pressure and foam, whether you’re brewing a single cup of espresso, or lattes and cappuccinos for family and friends. And they’re incredibly easy to use, too! Designed to stimulate all the senses and crafted with dynamic style and renowned reliability, a Miele coffee machine is guaranteed to produce a superior, gourmet brewing experience every time.
Shop for Miele Cooktops
Miele Cooking Cooktops Products Innovative design and unparalleled performance set the Miele cooktop line apart from the rest. The distinctive Miele combiset delivers the best of everything - gas, electric, induction, a deep fryer, even a Japanese Tepan Yaki unit - side by side. Ease of use and a variety of technological advancements make the Miele induction cooktop a pedigree in its class. The incredible engineering and unique flexibility of the Miele electric cooktop will satisfy the most exacting gourmands, and the Miele gas cooktop is the ultimate combination of style, ingenuity and control. Crafted with Miele’s legendary reliability, every member of the Miele cooktop family is guaranteed to impress any chef.
Shop for Miele Kitchen Ventilation
Miele Cooking Kitchen Ventilation Products Quite, powerful extraction and hand-crafted luxuriousness is what Miele kitchen ventilation is all about. The Miele wall hood feature unique, double-sided blowers and easy-to-use controls, while the Miele built-in hoods include distinctive elements such as stainless steel filters, halogen lighting and push-button timer settings. With its sleek lines and range of customization options, the Miele island hood is a marvel of style and engineering, and highlights of the Miele downdraft hood include multiple power settings and a safety temperature sensor, just to name a few. If you’re looking for the very best, Miele kitchen ventilation is the clear choice.
Shop for Miele Microwave Ovens
Miele Cooking Microwave Ovens Products The lustrous design of Miele microwaves is complimented by an array of exciting features, such as an automatic "Keep Warm" function, the freedom to reselect power settings during operation, eleven pre-set programs, and a user friendly selector switch for times and power outputs. The Miele microwave oven delivers 900 watts for fast cooking or reheating, and the child-safety lock assures parental piece of mind. A stunning addition to any kitchen style, the Miele built-in microwave may be the last microwave you ever purchase.
Shop for Miele Ranges
Miele Cooking Ranges Products Miele freestanding ranges combines the classic M Touch Control system with professional style design. Each oven is equipped with features from the Miele Generation 6000 wall oven line. The wireless roast probe cooks every roast to perfect temperature and Miele's signature MasterChef cooking program ensures meals are cooked under optimal conditions. The smudge resistant Clean Touch Steel finish makes Miele ranges the ideal high-end centerpiece in the kitchen.
Shop for Miele Wall Ovens
Miele Cooking Wall Ovens Products If you demand premium performance, elegant styling and ease-of use, the clear choice is a MasterChef Collection™ Miele wall oven. Their intelligent Navitronics™ technology guarantees precise temperatures and cook times as well as even heat distribution, and their unique Surround Bake mode is the ultimate solution for slow-cooked treats. The Miele steam oven is the healthy eater’s dream, engineered to capture flavor with no nutrient loss, and with enough space to prepare a whole, multi-course meal for up to ten people. The Miele speed oven, meanwhile, is an ingenious marriage of microwave and convection which delivers unrivalled flexibility to perfectly prepare a wide range of dishes. Last but far from least is the Miele warming drawer, a versatile addition that maintains food temperature and flavor until it’s time to serve.
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