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When it’s time to clean up, only Miele dishwashers and Miele vacuums deliver the outstanding performance, revolutionary features, unparalleled quality, and virtuoso style you demand. All Futura Series Miele dishwashers have received The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval thanks to their intuitive design and legendary reliability, and all feature AutoSensor technology to insure precise cleaning intensity and duration. Miele vacuums are a triumphant combination of character and technology – lightweight, compact, and quiet, turning home, work, or even vehicle floor care from a chore into a Miele floor care pleasure. Miele fully-integrated dishwashers, Miele stainless steel dishwashers, and Miele vacuums: Forever better.
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Miele Kitchen Cleanup Dishwashers Products Unlike any dishwasher before it, the Futura Series Miele dishwasher line was created to be a smarter, genuinely intuitive solution to real-world cleaning challenges. The Miele Diamond dishwasher is a marvel of innovation, from its AutoSensor technology to its RemoteVision capabilities which alert the Miele monitoring center at the first sign of fault. The Miele Dimension dishwasher features Q5 Acoustics and a PerfectGlassCare program for crystal and china, while the Miele integrated dishwasher highlights include a 24 hour delayed start program and a Turbo setting that reduces cycle times by up to 35%. The Futura Series Miele dishwasher line is clearly the industry benchmark for premium performance and reliability.
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Miele Kitchen Cleanup Vacuums Products Miele vacuum cleaners are thoughtfully designed and expertly engineered to make cleaning any area as efficient and convenient as possible. All Miele vacuums, including the Miele upright vacuum, feature their unique 12-stage AirClean™ filtration system, which retains 99% of all fine particles. The lightweight and agile Miele canister vacuum has been conceived to maximize performance in an elegant, space-saving fashion, while the Miele stick vacuum delivers unrivaled mobility, strength and durability. With the incredible array of Miele vacuum accessories, including a radiator brush, mattress tool and turbo brush, keeping your home immaculate has never been easier.
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