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At the core of Miele’s technological achievements lie the Miele laundry units, including their truly unparalleled Miele washers and Miele dryers. With revolutionary features such as MasterCare™ and Honeycomb Care™, not only is cleaning greatly enhanced, but fabric wear is reduced up to four times more than the next leading competitor. Even silks and other delicate materials are safe in the hands of the sleekly designed Miele laundry units. Of course, each Miele washer and dryer pair is equipped with their patented, user-friendly, customizable computer controls, and all Miele laundry units set the gold standard of environmental consciousness. Add an accessory stacking kit for a miele stackable washer dryer configuration. If you’re looking for the very best quality, reliability, and cleaning performance available, the choice is clear: Miele. Forever better.
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Miele Laundry Dryers Products The ingenious, patented Honeycomb Care™ technology is why Miele dryers are clearly the industry leader. The Miele condenser dryer, with its easy-to-use Touchtronic controls and 8 drying programs, is the superior choice when exterior venting isn’t practical. And the large capacity Miele vented dryer features RemoteVision capability, child safety locks and a PC update option, just one of the many options available an all Miele electric dryers. To top it off, all Miele dryers are engineered to perform perfectly for 20 years – that’s over 5,000 cycles of clean clothes protection!
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Miele Laundry Washers Products Patented Honeycomb™ drum technology is why Miele washers far exceed all other conventional laundry systems. Engineered to preserve colors and extend the life of clothes – even delicates and silks – up to four times longer than competitors, every Miele washing machine is designed to out-perform and last longer than any product on the market. The Miele front load washer, with its easy-to-use state of the art controls and multiple pre-set programs and water temperature choices, is the unparalleled benchmark of its class. As with all Miele products, Miele washers are environmentally friendly and guaranteed to perform perfectly for at least 20 years.
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