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Smart designs crafted from the highest-grade materials incorporating cutting-edge technology which delivers the freshest results is what separates Miele refrigerators, the Miele built-in refrigerator, Miele freezers, and Miele wine cellars from the rest. Featuring an extraordinary variety of patented innovations, including ClearView™ lighting, Drop and Lock™ shelving, MasterCool™ touch controls, and Remote Vision™, Miele refrigeration systems guarantee both consistently perfect temperatures, taking the guesswork out of food and wine preservation, as well as the most efficient energy usage possible. Miele refrigerators, Miele freezers, and Miele wine cellars – a cool new wave.
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Miele Refrigeration Freezers Products Crafted from the finest materials available and packed with innovative state-of-the-art technology, Miele freezers are form meets function masterpieces. With unique, patented features such as simple-to-use MasterCool™ controls and their one-of-a-kind RapidCool loading function, you can be confident the Miele built-in freezer will insure your frozen groceries taste as fresh as the day they were purchased. The Miele Independence™ freezer includes Drop and Lock™ shelving that allows for maximum space manipulation, and the ClearView™ lighting array that illuminates every nook of the interior cabinet. Top it all off with Miele’s award-winning reliability and the result is the most exceptional line of freezers in the world.
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Miele Refrigeration Refrigerators Products Intuitive MasterCool™ controls and FullView™ extendable storage drawers are just two of the many exciting features Miele refrigerators delivers. The easy access Miele bottom-mount refrigerator is a contemporary classic, offering a separate cooling system, which eliminates flavor transfer, and more than ample storage space. The Miele built-in refrigerator features a food-driven menu system and four distinct cooling zones to insure long-lasting flavor and nutritional value. With its ClearView™ lighting and RemoteVision™ capabilities, the Miele side-by-side refrigerator is in a class all by itself. And, of course, every Miele fridge is crafted from the highest-quality materials available and engineered to exceed expectations for at least 20 years.
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Miele Refrigeration Specialty Refrigeration Products It’s never been easier to turn any room of your home into a fabulous Miele wine cellar. You can showcase your collection behind the UV-protected glass of the Miele wine refrigerator, which protects your whites, reds and champagne from temperature and humidity variations with their exclusive, intuitive MasterCool™ controls. The Miele wine cooler features a vibration-free compressor, three distinct, independent cooling zones, and RemoteVision™ capabilities which enables quick detection and repair of any potential faults. Crafted from the highest-quality materials and guaranteed to last 20 years means you can relax when your vintages are stored in a Miele wine cellar.
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