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With several different product lines to choose from, every homeowner will find a Perlick Refrigerator to suit their need. Perlick refrigerators can be fully integrated into cabinetry with a wood overlay. Their UV-coated glass doors keep food and beverages extra-cold. Most Perlick Freezer models feature a whisper-quiet 700 BTU processor and the same sleek design as refrigerators. Perlick Wine Cellars offer easy-glide, extendable shelving. The 15-inch Signature Series model stores up to 20 bottles of wine. The 48-inch wine cellar features separate temperature controls for white and red wine and stores up to 88 bottles of varietals.
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Perlick Refrigeration Freezers Products Perlick Freezers are a welcome addition to any upscale kitchen, combining exact temperature, control and a variable speed compressor with a sparkling stainless steel design. The Perlick 24-inch freezer can standalone or be integrated with cabinetry. It is available in a single door or double-drawer unit, and contains a powerful commercial-grade compressor. Compact Perlick Freezer Drawers take the place of larger standalone freezers, and the under counter design gives homeowners a lot more counter space for food and drink preparation. The Perlick All-Freezer, available in custom panel or stainless steel designs, can be ordered with either a left or right hinge door.
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Perlick Refrigeration Refrigerators Products Perlick introduces the industry's most advanced food preservation system with it's new line of full-size column refrigerators. Featuring innovative technology such as four separate cooling zones - main cabinet, dairy drawer, deli drawer, and produce bin - humidity level controls, and dual-chamber air filtration, Perlick built-in column refrigerators are the perfect appliance to complement high-end luxury kitchens.
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Perlick Refrigeration Specialty Refrigeration Products Perlick, one of the premiere manufacturers of specialty refrigeration for the hospitality industry, began producing upscale appliances for residential use in 2005. A Perlick Refrigerator will give any kitchen a streamlined look since all four refrigerated product lines offer appliances that can fit in existing cabinetry. Even Perlick Refrigerator Drawers fit under counters and the 72-inch model can store up to 33 gallons of milk. Perlick Ice Makers offer whisper-quiet operation and 27 pounds of storage in each 15-inch stainless steel unit. Soda, wine and other beverages stay cold in Perlick Beverage Centers, which offer reversible glass swing doors, adjustable racks and forced air refrigeration. The Perlick Kegerator keeps beer on tap for guests in an all-in-one, portable dispensing system.
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