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Is it laundry day at your house? Don’t let laundry fill your whole day. Samsung laundry machines offer a faster, better way to get the job done. With a high-capacity Samsung washer and Samsung dryer, you can get more done in less time. Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology ensures washers and dryers run smoothly even at high-speed spins. While these attributes certainly make life a little easier and a little nicer, Samsung’s PowerFoam™ technology ensures your Samsung clothes washer produces thoroughly clean clothing and linens. You don’t have to take our word for it though. J.D. Power and Associates rated Samsung washers and dryers highest in customer satisfaction. Now if you could just get someone to fold the laundry when it’s done…
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Samsung Laundry Dryers Products Samsung is revolutionizing laundry. Samsung dryers rely on a sensor to make sure clothes are completely dry before shutting off. They employ Samsung’s trademarked Woolmark technology to dry wool items without shrinking them, and the Samsung steam dryer freshens clothes and removes wrinkles, resulting in less ironing and fewer trips to the dry cleaner. A large capacity Samsung front-load dryer or Samsung top-load dryer can fit a king-size comforter. The large capacity allows you to dry more clothes in one load freeing up more time for yourself and your family.
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Samsung Laundry Washers Products Samsung has thought through the chore of doing laundry from every angle and has improved nearly every aspect of it. A high-capacity Samsung front-load washer or Samsung top-load washer saves time and energy by washing more clothes at once. Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology reduces noise, so no one will hear the washer running, even if someone’s bedroom is adjacent to the laundry room. Samsung washers also feature PowerFoam technology that cleans clothes thoroughly, evenly and gently. The steam feature on a Samsung clothes washer helps eliminate stains so clothes look new again.
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