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Founded in 1908, Speed Queen wasted no time in establishing themselves as the highest standard of quality for laundry appliances in the industry. Speed Queen’s residential washers and dryers feature a long-lasting and reliable durability and performance that’s built to do 25 years’ worth of laundry. Top Loading Speed Queen washers feature the Speed Queen Perfect Wash™ system that guarantees a thorough and efficient clean that is still gentle on garments and preserves fabric quality. Speed Queen residential dryers use commercial-grade components such as heavy-duty fans and advanced airflow patterns to provide the perfect drying climate that also supports fabric care.
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Speed Queen Laundry Dryers Products Speed Queen dryers use advanced technology and superior engineering to deliver the gentlest but most effective fabric care possible. Special drying cycles, advanced moisture sensing and unique airflow patterns are just a few of the features that make Speed Queen dryers one of the most recommended laundry appliances in America.
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Speed Queen Laundry Washer Dryer Combinations & Laundry Centers Products Get the one of the laundry industry’s best fabric care performances in just half the space with Speed Queen stacked washer/dryer sets. With the durability to last up to 25 years, a Speed Queen combination laundry center uses advanced balance technology and moisture sensors for fast and easy garment care.
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Speed Queen Laundry Washers Products For a premium wash that leaves your garments clean and refreshed, look no further than a Speed Queen washing machine. Built and tested to withstand 25 years' worth of laundry, a Speed Queen washer ensures superior wash results that Speed Queen users can’t get enough of.
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